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Mouse basher 2 Click it! Click with the right mouse button.
The mouse game my first game, I hope you like it :3 use your mouse to move the red circle in the maze
H20 'zone Direct diver to hang on in the water The further the diver hang on the more point you will get Be careful from the object that shown you only have one life m = music on/off q = qua [...]
CD Burner Shooter Shoot as many CDs as you can in this action packed game! With 10 levels of massive burning, the fun is guaranteed! And with highscores, people from around the world can compete to [...]
Mini Avoider A random little mouse avoider game. Use your mouse to move the dot – don’t touch anything!
Pop That! Simple 5 levels of objects poping madness. Use the mouse to pop the objects that are on the screen don’t let time run out cause you’ll have to start all over again. Cli [...]
Mouse basher Click as many times as you can.
ZIAG2 - Automated Easiness Even easier than ZIAG1. Click and hold your mouse button to score points. No time limit. A bonus once in a while that gives faster points, and a punishment once in a while. Just cl [...]
Super Bubble Popper In this little game, pop as many bubbles as you can. Will you be the champion? Play with mouse. Use mouse.
Mouse Move Mania See how fast you can move your mouse Click and hold left mouse button and move mouse.
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